4,500 lb. cap. aluminum boat lift.                $7870

Perfect for smaller ski boats and runabouts.  A lighter design makes this lift easier to assemble, install and remove if needed.

7,000 lb. cap. Galvanized Steel boat lift  $10,190

Featuring a stainless steel hydraulic cylinder and fittings,  its heavy duty frame holds up against wind and waves much better than lighter aluminum lifts, a must for deeper water installation.  Do not let this big lift intimidate you it is suitable for most boats and the most popular selling lift. 

10,000 lb. cap Galvanized Steel boat lift  $14,990

Like the other steel lifts but even stronger, with two large stainless hydraulic cylinders, fast acting dual pump this 10k lift holds up to the elements, customs bunks make it easy to fit any hull.   

All our boat lifts are hydraulic powered, a smooth and safe transition controlled by a remote key fob and eco friendly solar charger.

8,000 lb. cap.  Galvanized Steel boat lift  $11,690

​Shares the same features with the 7k but more suitable for larger wake/surf boats and cruisers.  Also a very popular lift, take note there is no comparison to the strength and reliability of the steel lifts. 

2,000 lb. cap. aluminum  PWC hydraulic Mini-Lift 

perfect for your Jet-Ski, Sea-Doo, Wave Runner and more! $4999